«BYTIC»-New technology developments foundation.

Computer centre «BYTIC» was established in 1986. Its founders went on to become well known on a national level-RAS (Russian Academy of Science) academics A.P. Alexandrov, E.P. Velihov, RAS member V.D. Pismennyi, BYTIC team.
Our centre was the first Russian organisation to begin international collaboration with USA in the field of computer technologies.
Many projects have been realised throughtout the last 30 years of work, such as the Russian National Student Programming Olympics, international conference «New Technologies in Education», and student exchanges between Russia and the US.
During this time, BYTIC has widened its usual attendee circles. From students to retired professionals-anyone is free to chose to study from one of our learning programmes.
And on top of that, foreign language, chess, and robotics lessons are also available.
We carry out school exam preparation sessions in subjects such as programming, maths, chemistry, biology and so on.
During the summer we offer interesting educational programmes for kids.
«BYTIC» is interested in new ideas, projects, and collaboration!
Feel free to call or email us! We will happily get in touch!